Ouidah in Benin

The all-roundness of the city lets everyone enjoy.

Gate of non return

1 day

Departure at 8 in the morning from your hotel in Cotonou, by air-conditioned car.

  • Follow the Slavery route by foot from the start in the city till the beach (ca. 4km). This route starts at the place Chacha and along the road there are many statues with a special meaning. Also the monument will be visited, where many slaves were buried lively or death. (About 1, 5 – 2 hours)

    Statue in remembrance the slavery time
    Statue in remembrance the slavery time
  • The python temple the real symbol of the Houeda community. Over 40 python snakes live in the temple. The snakes are Royal and sacred.
  • The Ouidah cathedral


  • Fondation Zinsou  Museum with African paintings, arts and photos, most of them made by African artists.
  • Visit the Sacred Forest of King Kpasse. A sacred forest with many statues, a sacred Iroko tree of which is said King Kpasse lives inside.

    Sacred forest entrance
    Sacred forest 
  • La Maison du Brésil/Brasil house Contemporaneous arts about Voodoo
  • Wallpaper and upholstery museum.
  • Information and discussion about voodoo, the main divinity in Africa founded in Benin.

    Voodoo statue
    Voodoo statue

We end this tour with a dinner.

At around 9 in the evening you will be back in Cotonou.

Het reisbureau in Benin met transparante prijzen, op maat gemaakte reizen, voor individuele reizigers en groepen. Wij houden rekening met de bevolking en de natuur